c the beach and the parallel pedestrian street behind the promenade will be low, white, sometimes tiny fishermen’s houses and a series of cozy cafes, shops, tapas bars, pubs, tearooms and (fish) restaurant location to the south coast of Spain (Costa del Sol), sometimes in a slightly sloping flat area. Distance to city center 1 kilometer from Torremolinos, Malaga 14 km and 10 km from the airport. In the surroundings are picturesque villages such as Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmadena-pueblo, and the picturesque mountain village of Mijas, all by public transport. Within a radius of 200 km, world-famous cities like Seville, Cordoba and the much celebrated Granada with many historical buildings that show their glorious history and famous such as “los Pueblos Blancos’ (white villages) Coin, Ronda, Fuengirola, Marbella , Malaga and Gibraltar controversial British crown colony. Medical assistance Dutch GP, 23 pharmacies. Hospital in Malaga. Carihuela Beach The beach is a 2300 m long and 40-50 m wide beach that runs through the neighborhoods of La Carihuela and Montemar ‘rock’ (Castillo de Stanta Clara) to the marina of Benalmadena and released gradually into the sea end. There you can lounge chairs, umbrellas and pedal boats for hire. And fun activity is the bananaski. There are showers, toilets, first aid post and many beach bars.